We are gearing up for an incredible DeMolay Conclave weekend in Jefferson City, Missouri over Memorial Day Weekend. We will once again be at the Capitol Plaza Hotel from May 25-28, 2018.

Registration is now live! Please have one advisor representative from your Chapter begin the registration process at www.moconclave.orgThe registration deadline is May 1, 2018.

New for Conclave 2018


Rush To Jeff City To Put On A Suit?

Nah, not this time. Enjoy your trip into town and we’ll be ready to greet you with an incredibly entertaining (and casual!) opening.

Jacques DeMolay

Individual DeMolay Degree Competitions

Finally, you can take your DeMolay Degree parts and compete also in an individual competition!


New Team Sports

Have no fear, we’ll still be playing basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball – but we’re adding even more team sports for you to compete in – including flag football!

Attend Conclave for FREE?!?


You bet! And it’s super simple to do. Simply sell advertisements for the Annual Missouri DeMolay Yearbook and your Chapter gets to keep half of the total sales! Click here to download the Yearbook advertising form and get started selling those ads today.


Click here to check out some of our most recent DeMolay Yearbooks.

Sweetheart Competition Information

Conclave 2018 will be here before you know it – and wouldn’t it be amazing if every Chapter had a Sweetheart competing in the State Sweetheart Pageant? It is possible, but each Chapter needs to start planning now to have a Sweetheart selected so she may compete.

The guidelines for Sweethearts competing in the pageant are simple:

  • Competitor must have been selected and crowned as a Chapter Sweetheart prior to Conclave 2018.
  • Competitor must not have competed in the most previous State Sweetheart pageant
  • Competitor must not have received a title in any previous State Sweetheart pageant.

A Chapter’s guidelines for selection of a Chapter Sweetheart vary from Chapter to Chapter, however, the competitor’s age should be considered carefully. Young ladies that are very young may not be comfortable competing in the State Sweetheart pageant. While there is no age minimum, a Sweetheart should not be older than the majority age of DeMolay (21).

If you have any questions regarding the State Sweetheart pageant, or if you need assistance in establishing your local Chapter Sweetheart program, please contact our Director of Sweethearts, “Mom” Pam Pensel, via email.

Chapter Sweetheart