An Advisor who wears the Cross of Honor has received a distinctive honor that can only be given by DeMolay International to a member of an Advisory Council or a personal representative of an Executive Officer. DeMolay International may confer the DeMolay Cross of Honor upon a present or past member of an Advisory Council or upon any personal representative of any Executive Officer who has served at least three years in either or both capacities and whose service has been conspicuously meritorious.

Recommendations are made by the Advisory Council to the Executive Officer, who nominates individuals for this honor. Nomination forms are available from the Executive Officer, who must receive them by his deadline. Each year a nomination fee is established by the Grand Secretary. The fee covers processing and regalia. The fee is submitted with the completed nomination form to the Executive Officer. He forwards the nomination to DeMolay International, whose unanimous vote at the annual Session is required to grant the honor.

2018Darren A. Beck
Charlotte C. Greenhagen
Jeffrey C. Kitsmiller, Jr.
Donnell L. McFarland
Dustin R. Sanders
Theresa L. Smead
John A. Vezeau
Leslie G. Willis
2017Rita J. Hanson
2016David J. Johnston, Jr.
2015William J. Bowser
Betty J. Lourwood
Pamela C. Pensel
2014Stacia A. Cockerham
Rebecca L. McFarland
Robert L. Weber
2013Chad A. Arnold
Lee Ann Pitman
Betty J. Schumacher
2012Connie S. Best
2011Keith R. Beier
Joe L. Pace
R. Keeler Steensgaard
Tom L. Thomason
Walter L. Wilson
2010Kenneth D. Best
Marica G. Eggers
Amy B. Hinkle
Cheryl A. Sander
Wendy K. Wilson
2009Connie S. Best
Sandra Clark
2008Diane G. Kitsmiller
Carolyn M. Woods
2007Henry C. Eirich
Rosemary F. Pelak
Margi Underwood
2006Christipher J. Berg
Judith L. Rollins
2005Donna Ellison
Karen Groves
2004Betty J. Harder
Keith S. Lauck
George W. Ridley
2003Leslie G. Willis