Mission and Vision

The Maryville University DeMolay Leadership and Service Club is committed to building young men and women of character and providing opportunities for them to grow to be better people and better leaders. Providing a program based on timeless principles and practical experience, The Co-Ed Club endeavors to not only create the extraordinary leader, but a leader of character and integrity, striving to improve and be better each and every day. The DeMolay Leadership and Service Club is a youth-led, adult-advised and sponsored organization in which young men and women plan, organize, and facilitate their own programs. Specifically dedicated to the mission and vision of the Walker Scottish Rite Speech and Language RiteCare Clinic on the Maryville Campus, the DeMolay Leadership and Service Club also engages with other student-led initiatives on campus, as well as providing a rich diversity of myriad other community service and involvement opportunities and Mission Trips. Some of the leadership skills acquired in the DeMolay Leadership and Service Club include: Public Speaking, Time Management, Decision Making, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Financial Management, Relationship Building and Personal Accountability. The DeMolay Leadership and Service Club awards scholarships and provides internship opportunities to those involved on a leadership level and dedicated to growing and enhancing the organization’s efforts and mission of creating leaders of integrity and service to humanity.

DeMolay Leadership and Service Club

DeMolay Leadership & Service Club Committees

Truly effective education happens in a person when they learn directly by doing something, gaining first-hand experience. One of the major reasons Maryville University is succeeding so well in the higher educational arena at the moment while others are dwindling is because they’ve not only figured this out, but because they’ve applied it to nearly every area of their formal education. Hands on learning, practical experiences, smaller class sizes, engagement in real-life situations, simulated exercises, concentrated focus groups, along with working with instructors who are integral parts of the professional fields they are elucidating – All of these aid exponentially in the development of fundamental learning in conjunction with traditional lectures and exams, providing students with the best possible outlet of preparation for that ultimate transition into the workforce. The DeMolay Leadership & Service Club strives to complement and enhance that experience, through four areas of emphasis:

Inspired Community Service

Dynamic Leadership Workshops

Walker Scottish Rite Speech & Language Clinic Involvement

Strategic Communication Development

Statement of Principles

DeMolay is dedicated to a vision of excellence, personal and professional growth, leadership development, and service to others. The following principles identify our core beliefs and provide the basis for the organization’s Mission Statement.

  • We believe in the highest standards of personal and organizational integrity and respect for the individual.
  • We believe in lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and the development of teamwork capable of sustaining a competitive posture in the global community.
  • We believe leadership and service to others is a creative, dynamic, and essential process enabling people to achieve personal and organizational objectives.
  • We believe that managerial responsibility is shared among all individuals at all levels of any organization and that effective, consecrated leadership is critical to success.
  • We believe that individuals and organizations have a community and civic responsibility.

Code of Ethics

  • I will recognize that all individuals inherently desire to practice their personal and professional interests to the best of their ability
  • I will assume that all individuals want to do their best
  • I will maintain a broad and balanced outlook and will recognize value in the ideas and opinions of others
  • I will be guided in all my activities by truth, accuracy, fair dealing and good taste
  • I will keep informed on the latest developments in techniques, equipment, and processes
  • I will recommend or initiate methods to increase productivity and efficiency
  • I will support efforts to strengthen the core values of leadership and service through training and education
  • I will help my fellow human beings reach personal and professional fulfillment
  • I will earn and carefully guard my reputation for good moral character and good citizenship
  • I will promote the principles of individual and societal freedom to others, by highlighting its accomplishments and displaying confidence in its future
  • I will recognize that leadership is a call to service