Jurisdictional Officers

The Order of DeMolay is led by a team of young men from across the state of Missouri. Meet the team of Jurisdictional Officers that lead Missouri DeMolay.

Meet The Team
Executive Board

The Executive Board of Missouri DeMolay is comprised a select group of individuals instrumental in the governance of our Jurisdiction.

Meet The Board
International Supreme Council Members

The International Supreme Council is the governing body of DeMolay International. These men volunteer their time and efforts to mold the legislation and governance of our International organization.

Meet The ISC Members

Missouri DeMolay Governors are adult volunteers that assist in managing the leadership of the Jurisdiction.

Meet The Governors

The Order of DeMolay has several programs and verticals within the organization. These adult volunteers assist with managing these respective programs and verticals throughout the State of Missouri.

Meet The Directors
Past State Master Councilors

A State Master Councilor is the “president” of Missouri DeMolay. This exclusive group of men have served in this capacity.

Meet The PSMCs
Personal Representatives

Personal Representatives are appointed by the Executive Officer to be representative of him throughout their travels and visitations.

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Local Chapters have Sweethearts that promote their activities, cheer on the members during competitions, and provide wholesome comradeship throughout the DeMolay experience. These ladies are representative of all Sweethearts across the State.

Meet The Sweethearts
State Mothers Club

Our State Mothers Club is comprised of volunteers that aim to assist the young men throughout the state by providing catering, decorating, and other assistance as needed.

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