Missouri DeMolay is honored to have many faithful supporters of our youth leadership movement. As a token of our appreciation, the Executive Officer of Missouri DeMolay honors individuals and families that provide impeccable service, outstanding inspiration, unwavering commitment, and diligent honor to our fraternity.

2018Chase W. Gordon
Ronald D. Jones
Mike and Dorleta Lodholz
Ronald J. Minshall
Mason M. Sellars
Kurt and Celeste Witzel
2017Parker Hastings
Nancy K. Lane
Michael C. Russell
Richard L. Smith
Braden Zimmerman
2016Quentin J. Cockerham
Steven Crane
Linda & Barry Jenkins
C. Brent Stewart
2015Beth Dye
James Hawkins
David L. Haywood
Pam Pensel
Edward D. Robertson, Jr.
Mitch Weinsting
2014Jon B. Broyles
Dennis E. Kelly
Christopher M. LaBaw
Mom & Dad Salazar
Joplin Chapter, Order of DeMolay
Missouri Order of the Eastern Star
2013Gloria Chaney
Patrick Hensley
David Ramsey
Wallace W. Willard
2012Ryan Matthew Cockerham
John Hess
Maxwell Shoemaker
Ron Zimmer
The Grand Lodge of Missouri
2011Sheri Mistretta
The Eggers Family
The Pitman Family
Gail Turner
St. Louis Valley Knights of St. Andrew
2010Justin and Jessica Absheer
Ronald H. Hartoebben
Daniel C. Moise
Christopher S. Pierson
Betty Schumacher
Danny Dwight Smothers
Benjamin B. Turconi
2009Brandon Robert Cockerham
Gary Dryer
The Cochran Family
The Harrison Family
The Hinkle Family
The Kolb Family
The Lourwood Family
The Rollins Family
2008Howie Damron
Henry C. Eirich
Patton Hart
The Oloteo Family
Scottish Rite Foundation of Missouri
Steve Rivers
Mike Voyles
Austin Whitaker
2007Rick Kaeser
Masonic Children's Foundation
Masonic Home of Missouri
Steve Pelak
Chris Rollins
The Jones Family
Ralph & Karen Sturdevant
Fred Veinfurt
2006Charlie A. Iselin
Jeffrey C. Kitsmiller, Jr.
Mark A. Lyles
Charlie Mason
Sheldon H. Snitz
The Absheer Family
The Woods Family
2005Joe Bellis
Ken Best
Rodney Pensel
The Schumacher Family
The Thomason Family
The Thompson Family
The Wallace Family
The Willis Family
2004Bret Akers
Stacy Cockerham
Bob & Betty Harder
Dave Koyn
Roger Salyer
The Kitsmiller Family
Randy Wilson