Missouri DeMolay Membership Drive

The Jurisdictional Officers are pleased to present an incredible Membership Drive for your Chapters. Beginning Saturday, November 18, 2017 and running until Conclave 2018, your Chapter has a shot at winning a 55″ 4K TV and an Xbox One X for sharing the DeMolay experience with others!

Each Chapter has a unique number of new members to recruit to earn the Tier 1 prize (55″ 4K TV).

Allegiance: 20
Carondelet: 10
Crestwood: 20
Divine: 20
Excelsior: 20
Farnsworth: 12
George L. Walters: 18
Independence: 10
Jefferson: 12
Joplin: 22
Kirkwood: 6
Mineral Area: 6
Mochila: 10
Mother: 12
Progression: 12
Rising Sun: 10
St. Charles: 20
Waynesville: 16
William F. Kuhn: 16

PLUS…if your Chapter initiates at least 10 members over the Tier 1 goal, the Chapter will receive an Xbox One X.

But wait… there’s more! For the individual that first-line signs the most new members between now and Conclave 2018 will win an iPhone X!

All members must be registered on eScribe within 10 days of their Initiation date to count toward the promotion. New members initiated via state-sponsored events will not count toward the promotion











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